Wet Bell
A 'Diving bell', also known as a 'Wet bell', is a cable-suspended airtight chamber, open at the bottom like a moon pool structure that is lowered underwater. The pressure of the water keeps the air trapped inside the bell. Unlike a submarine the diving bell is not designed to move.

The new lamp from Salto & Sigsgaard, is an attempt to make a pendel-lamp which uses its light source to the full. It reflects the light one time in the aluminum reflector, and at the same time it adjusts the color of the LED lights color temperature.
When admitting that LED light is orientated, unlike a traditional light bulb, he LED filament is pointed up towards the reflector, with the power cord entering the lamp at the open end.

Wet bell was honoured a grant from Statens Kunstfond at "Mindcraft" which is the Danish Craft exhibition that took place at the Milan furniture fair April 2009.