How do you get light out of a lightbulb?; By using an electric cord. Period!
Nosy was born for the desktop, and is the perfect colleague to shed light on all your work. It has a slim, flexible body that can direct light in any direction to light up any detail. Nosy by name and Nosy by nature – this lamp is constantly on the look-out for new objects to illuminate, making it the perfect assistant for all inquisitive and creative souls looking for new insight and new inspiration.
Nosy has a unique design and high level of functionality right down to the smallest detail, ensuring that it can combine high light emission and flexibility with a design that is full of character. The head and base of the lamp are made of light, strong polycarbonate; while the slim body consists of a flexible tube coated with a rubber material that unites the head, body and base into a single organic whole. The two “eyes” in the head give life to the design, as well as being an effective heat conductor. The flexible body can be turned through 300 degrees on its axis, providing users with an extraordinary degree of flexibility and freedom.
Nosy makes use of an asymmetrical reflector beneath its simple shade, which when combined with its extraordinary range, ensures an effective distribution of light. The light can be adjusted easily using the elegant touch-dimmer switch located on the base. The Nosy is available in two versions – either on a base, or for plugging in. Available in either black or white. See more at

Existing type of lamps...  


Cord with a "snake" structure!  

Carrying case for Nosy protoype  

First prototype 2004